Thursday, April 12, 2012

pencil box + newborn rose hat

salam peeps..

ok hasil last week tuk dipos kan...busy lately...bukan busy bisnes ni tpi busy dgn training dan juge nk cyapkan thesis...wish me luck k..

so nilah hasilnye
pencil box---->order from my gnekan ripple pattern kali ni...hope she likes it..actually ni first time try wat pencil box..alhamdulillah it turn out well...glad its....^_*
then ni merupekan order from one of my fren...she request to make 2 newborn hat

i'm glad i could finish it~~:)

see u all soon...papaiiii~~

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


old entry from my first blog... finally finish this 2 project...syukran...setelah lame meninggalkan my yarns ni semue bcoz of few no mood in knitting last few weeks...bdw...njoy my works..
for more detail please visit my another blog at

act xupdate pon lagi sal project terbaru ni dgn lebey detail..propa jer lebey2 dulu...
tq very much for reading...bababaooooo~~