Monday, December 26, 2011

purple ame~

haii nak share ckit hasil yg dibuat few month ago...hahaha..bdw dah ade hasil baru tpi baru hari ni terase nk update ttg purple ameniko yg ditempah oleh rakan adik nilah hasilnyer..

i wanna sleep...dont disturb me...

me without any accessories...look boring rite??

my master putting a green bow tie on i look more handsome?~~kasahammida~
so..thank you for reading everyone..till then..papapaiiiii~

nota kaki:-sile abakan url dlm pic di ats...this refer to my old url

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

rosebud brooch

heyyy peeps...long time no see hah..

 hehehe...really like the colors....

n AGAIN!!!...luv the wonderful...and i really satisfied because i could finish it.

just ignore the blog's name in this picture because i'm already change it.hehe

Thursday, December 1, 2011

hat again!!

heyyy peeps...
hehehe..let me show u olls.. my soft cable hat..happy knitting u ollz...wink~~

in process..i'm using knitting needle size 4.5..wink~

hampir cyap...

tadaaaaaaaaaa!!!..finish already~~

so it look?
wink...tq for watching..papaiiii